Transloading and Storage

Railroad Car Unloading: 


• Unloading charges (includes storage up to 90 days and loading product to truck) priced per ton for pelletized or meal byproduct feeds (Volume discounts may apply)

• Rates for unloading other commodities or products, not classified as a byproduct pellet or meal feed can be discussed

• Midwest Commodity Storage will not be responsible for demurrage on private cars.

Railroad Car Loading:

  Railroad Car loading will typically be charged by the ton for out of storage and from truck.  Call for pricing.

Storage Options:

• We encourage our customers to have an established program of movement to ensure quality of product.

• Storage of products over 90-180 days will vary and  will be charged by the ton of the remaining inventory figured each month based on FIFO accounting.


• Midwest Commodity Storage will not be responsible for quality of product being held over 90 days.


• Midwest Commodity Storage is not responsible for any damage or problems with products resulting from acts of God (Floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, etc.)

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For More Information Contact:

Brad Haney, Commodity Services
Phone: 1-866-380-9368
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