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Midwest Ag Transport, Inc.,


This joint venture started in the spring of 2008, and brought together a team with 40+ years of expertise in the trucking business. Two reliable trucking companies, Andrew M. Sease Trucking, LLC, and Phillip R. Sease Trucking, LTD, joined forces with proven salesmen and a highly experienced transportation manager. Midwest Ag now has 20+ power units.

Our Location.

Midwest's office, shop, and facilities are located near Ansonia, Ohio.

Midwest moves specialty products with twelve belt trailers, five walking floors, three hoppers, five end dumps, two flatbeds, and two van trailers. Midwest provides all late model equipment. Products moved

consist of dry fertilizer, wet and dry feed commodities, milling             by-products, produce, cottonseed, mulch, gravel, dirt, and other products to meet customers' needs.


Our Business Philosophy is Simple.

We are committed to provide exceptional service, expertise, and affordable rates for our customer base. We strive to clearly understand our customer's business so we can apply our transportation expertise and resources effectively. We take a proactive approach to business to ensure efficient use of our equipment.


Our Staff.

We understand that our company is only as good as our employees. Our personnel are empowered to make decisions that affect the company and have opportunity to advance their careers. We foster a

team atmosphere and insist on a win-win attitude among our people. Because this business is challenging, we believe our team of experienced and creative problem-solvers make it possible to fulfill

our commitment to our customers.


The Midwest team includes:

Shawn Rodeheffer, Sales/Dispatch/Logistics Manager

Brad Haney, Commodity Services

Mike Stevens, Dispatch

Brandy Sease, Accounting

Andrew Sease, Dispatch/Sales

Phillip Sease, Sales

Andrew and Phillip Sease have both been involved in farming all their lives, and have been successfully involved in the trucking business for 18+ years. Andrew and Phillip have leaned toward the belt, live

floor, and end dump services to keep competition to a minimum with the other local hopper bottom

companies in the area.

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